Classical Voice, The Key To All Songs w/ Shari Pine
  • Classical Voice, The Key To All Songs w/ Shari Pine
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REGISTRATION FOR 'Classical Voice, The Key To All Songs' with SHARI PINE ~ DEC. 1 & 3 @7PM 60 min. ea.

Guuurl, you can SING that!

Yes you can! You just need different training. CLASSICAL training.

It's the foundation of vocal health and longevity and it opens the door to singing across ALL genres while fine-tuning the honest and pure vocal sound that you already have.  Yes ma'am.

(*Straight up hard core opera singers will never break form to sing other genres the same way ballet dancers at Paris Opera wouldn't be caught dead dancing 'LA Street'.  If you are either of those, you don't need this.)

But, if you are obsessed with that four letter word ... 'belt', no lie -you better have a floatation device because that's what I call 'swimming in the deep end.' Not going to dissect its fine points: soft belt, mixed belt, head, almost head, legit ... just want to say it's the danger zone and it undermines the health of your instrument. 

But a focus on classical technique can only help to strengthen your other 'voices' as you move through your register. Sadly, the reverse is never true.

Needing 'vocal rest' is a red flag, my friend. If this has this ever been you, let's talk. 

For the same reason you hit the gym to strength train, you gotta hit the vocal 'gym'. Meaning to say, get as strong and conditioned as you possibly can so you are less likely to sustain injury when you go into those 'reachy' areas of a song.  T h e n ..  you can begin to experience the joy of exploring 'different terrain' (R&B, Rock, Pop, if you're a skier: 'black diamond trails') while making it out of the song alive, hello.

By the way, a guitarist or pianist can always walk away from his/her instrument when done rehearsing or performing but a vocalist can never.

We ARE our instrument. Breath, and the control of it, is where we live.

If you are ready to train your voice for strength, control and versatility; for vocal freedom .. 

Lose those regional vowels and discover your TRUE, FREE and OPEN singing voice.

Run! Registration is open NOW!

S h a r i

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**all voices types

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